woensdag 28 februari 2024

Met opgefokte S1000R naar Pikes Peak

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As reported, on June 24, BMW-Specialist Wunderlich will join a top-class, international race- and works team side by side to contest the legendary Pikes Peak International hill climb. Aboard two utterly powerful Wunderlich S 1000 R machines Road Racing specialist Thilo Günther and Top racer Lucy Glöckner, well-known from recent endurance GP events, will shoot near Colorado Springs over 156 dizzying bends up to the peak at 4302 metres.

At this challenging, legendary hill climb without any run-off areas but only yawning chasm, everything needs to be spot-on, technically as well as mentally! A perfect preparation is a must! Like no other race track, Pikes Peak requires incredible respect, skill and courage from the riders – with its unbelievable, partly unclear bends and hilltops, shady parts and dazzling sunlight!

The aim is clear: „We do have two hot, promising irons in the fire and will go for victory!“, Wunderlich manager Frank Hoffmann promises.

Meanwhile, Wunderlichs Motorsport department has prepared the two BMW machines, together with the ProKASRO race team, active and successful within the endurance GP. For the race, the bikes are perfectly prepared, chassis- and engine-wise – both machines, of course, are already on their way to the Rocky Mountains.

All information for this exciting race commitment of the Sinzig team will be published on www.wunderlich-motorsport.com, an online-stream of „Race to the Clouds “ and further information about this hill climb held since 1916 can be found on the following website http://ppihc.org/

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