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Geperforeerd op de motor

Dit is een persbericht. De redactie van MOTOR.nl is dus niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud. Heb je zelf een persbericht dat je graag op MOTOR.nl ziet? Dan mail je deze naar redactie@www.motor.nl.

New urban sneakers designed to meet the demands of “commuting on two wheels”. On sale in the Spring, they provide a new and original aspect to the already extensive Stylmartin branded sneaker family.

SECTOR is the new addition to a collection that in 2017 numbered 10 models. This sneaker collection was designed and produced by Stylmartin for urban bike and scooter riders. More specifically, Sector broadens the summer range, sharing position with Sunset Evo, Arizona, Atom and Panama. With the latter, it shares the colour of the upper; a vintage-feel white (achieved through an artisanal process, pair by pair) but it is the remainder of the structure that makes it unique and instantly recognizable.

A striking upper in microfiber, the same material used for racing boots, here blended with contrasting overlays in waxed leather. Internally, it features a breathable mesh lining and an anatomical and micro-perforated footbed, which allows the foot to “breathe” in summer. The sneaker also provides ankle protection by means of internal PU armour and additionally good grip, thanks to the anti-slip outer sole.

The ‘black and white’ look of Sector is interrupted by the choice of neon yellow laces, mirrored by the rear reflective stripe, which act as useful active safety features. As standard, the company also provides a second pair of laces in another colour.
To sum up, Sector relies on the design, the choice of materials and the ability to remain comfortable in rising temperatures. Available in stores (sizes 36/47) from March.

Adviesverkoopprijs in Nederland: € 159.
Voor verkoopadressen zie: https://www.grandcanyonbike.eu/

De redactie van Motor.nl bestaat uit alle redactieleden van MOTO73 en Promotor. Redacteuren Marien Cahuzak, Jan Kruithof, Maikel Sneek en diverse freelancers zijn dagelijks actief voor Motor.nl.

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